Yup!  It’s another one of those GDPR compliance announcements.  We’re sure that you’ve received so many of these that you are now a GDPR expert!  Here’s how we’ve been tackling GDPR. By d…
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Introducing Ecquire 2.0

At the beginning of this year we launched Ecquire to solve our own pain of data entry. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses and people who we were able to meet. You shared the same pains, y…
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3 Concentric Circles

The Launch This 1st concentric circle represented a group that would try this, tell us their real feedback, and if they hated it, not go blog about it.  They also represent a group that will try it a…
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The Firefox Question

We get asked, “when are you gonna make a firefox extension” a lot – by potential investors, partners, and customers. Our answer? “It doesn’t look like we should.” GASP! Ye…
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You don’t want press

You want evangelists. There was a post in hacker news on us in in December when we weren’t ready for attention.  The Link is not necessary to read it is just to represent we saw a spike in do…
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Chrome Threw us a Freebie

Here at Ecquire we’ve been very happy with letting the Chrome Web Store host our extension and taking care of auto-updates on our behalf. Even more so when they upgraded their interface and disco…
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Work / Surf Balance

We’ve been on the defense about our preference to work independently and remotely as a team.  It’s frustrating to explain and seemingly useless to try.  Most of those inquiring are poten…
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Startup Cheat Codes

Throughout the life of Ecquire, I’ve made lots of mistakes spending much more money and time than I really needed to get something done. Every time I figured out a solution in retrospect, I felt pre…
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