November 21, 2012

Adding a Day of Productivity Back to your Week

Add a day to your week

Ecquire is a on mission to give every user of business web services an extra day of productivity to their week.

Whether it be email, calendars, marketing software, sales software, customer service, or even social media, you are constantly logging in between and tabbing into these services.

Even if you’re the most hardened, disciplined, inhumanly productive person alive, you probably don’t realize how much time you waste every week. Why? Context switching.

Death by productivity

Most programmers are familiar with a term called “flow”

a psychological state in which you are fully immersed, focused, productive, and most important of all, enjoying your work.

In a world where every conceivable tool that you need to be better at your job is at your fingertips and every piece of information is one search away, there is a double-edged sword. We trade availability for focus.

At Ecquire, we see it differently. Imagine all of your customer information, your sales notes, your marketing insights, your customer support history, and even your customer’s Tweets. Imagine if all of that data were in the right places when you needed them. The key here is to think about what “the right place” means. We believe the right place is wherever your workflow is. If you’re working in Gmail, then it’s in Gmail. If you’re in Linkedin, then it’s in Linkedin. We want to create “flow” for your web services.

Never have to login or tab into another service again. That’s the world that we are imagining.

We spent the last year working to find the right away to work inside of your workflow. And today, we’re taking the next step towards building the future of working on the web.

Adding to our past 4 major integrations, there will be 8 new integrations with some of the best web services today – including some of our favorite apps: Recurly, Intercom, and Quora.

Anywhere you can find and talk to contacts, you’ll be able to add them your CRM, right from your workflow.

Ecquire integrations

Welcome a day of productivity back to your week.

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