Paul DeJoe

is the CEO at Ecquire.

PayPal Working Capital – b12 for B2B Saas Companies

Series A conversations for early B2B SaaS companies sound like; “100k in MRR?” “Umm… Well..No… Not yet…but…” “Ok reach back out when you’re at 100k.” (Internal thought – “GFY”) Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the quickest benchmark for a valuation and/or decision to invest in a B2B SaaS companies.  For early B2B SaaS companies no […]

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The World’s Greatest Privacy Policy – A 2018 update!

WE DO NOT STORE ANY DATA OR MESSAGES YOU SEND TO YOUR CONTACTS AND CRM.  PERIOD. We physically can’t.  We have nowhere to store it.  We don’t even have a server database to store it.  So even if Justin Bieber asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him. That’s why, […]

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Big Hairy Awesome Changes Coming to Ecquire

We’ve been hard at work using the feedback you provided to build a better Ecquire. In a few days, we are releasing a new version with significant usability and feature improvements that we believe you will prefer! Major change: A Universal Ecquire Button You no longer need to look for an Ecquire button to capture […]

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Hiring a front-end developer

We’re growing! We’re a totally remote team and we’re profitable. If you’re not familiar with us, our main product is a Chrome Extension for sales and prospecting teams to instantly update their CRM from the places they work: Gmail, Social Networks etc. You can find out more at our website: We’ve got new features and […]

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What the Best Say About Boards

One of the dangers for startups is that we hang out with other startups. There are complicated dynamics we don’t have experience with and it’s not often that we have access to very successful executives that have been there and done it a number of times. One of those complicated items is a board of […]

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Sneaky Smart MVP

A Sneaky Smart MVP by Zenlike    David Quail was the cofounder of Atassa which he sold to Yousendit.  In thinking about his next venture you’d think a successful  entrepreneur and accomplished engineer would jump into building and testing his next hypothesis over the next few months with a patent pending type of code base.   Nope. […]

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From Side Project to Successful Startup

Designed around simplicity and intuition, easily track your deals and relationships. Stride is a different kind of CRM. Follow us on Twitter or on the Stride Blog. Kevin is the growth guy at Stride, focused on organically scaling with a minimal budget.   From Side Project to Successful Startup  Startups are fun, there’s no doubt about that. However, simply working for a […]

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