Paul DeJoe

is the CEO at Ecquire.

Getting That Email About a Competitor

Have you seen these guys? I get emails all the time from people asking that question. I just got one this morning from an advisor.  If you have a startup, I’m sure you get them too.  No matter how seasoned of an entrepreneur you are, your first reaction is always to cringe. They’re just not fun […]

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Your Most Valuable Customer is Not Who You Think It Is

“If you don’t have a button for your customers to click that gets you the next customer, each customer is just as difficult to get as the last”- David Barrett, CEO of Expensify There is no activity that is more valuable nor has a higher return on investment than creating evangelists for your product. Evangelists […]

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The 13 Pieces of Advice that Saved our Company

“You suck, your product sucks, your market sucks but we like the team”-  Jason Bailey, Founder – East Side Games At the time I heard this, I didn’t appreciate what this actually meant.  It was also tough to take seriously because Jason had just got done mooning someone four minutes after I met him.  When […]

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How I Live in San Francisco for $41/day

Our plan was to go after enterprise customers when we reached our target retention levels of 30%.  The team did a great job of getting us there and now it’s my turn to fulfill my end of the bargain with getting enterprise customers.  San Francisco has the largest concentration of our most qualified customers for […]

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What It’s Like Interviewing with Robert Scoble

It’s difficult to find a more likeable person than Robert Scoble.  If you don’t know who he is, he’s like the Oprah of Tech. Robert had no reason to interview me. It’s unlikely that he would have found me if it weren’t for a recommendation to Robert from a great customer of ours.  Thanks, Jeff. I told […]

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Peace of Mind is your Startup’s Currency

It is extremely difficult and very competitive to win consumer mindshare. There are great products and services that are not being used because they have failed to prove they’re 10x better than the existing alternative. Yes.  TEN TIMES.  That’s the threshold of incremental improvement a new product must provide to overcome the switching cost a consumer […]

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Master your Sales Pitch with a Simple Email

I’ve never heard someone who’s excellent at business development complain about email. Not once. Why? Because they know that emails just simply mirror real life conversations. There’s actually very little difference between these 2 modes of communication and if you’ve mastered one, you’ll be able to do well at the other. So let’s get down […]

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