Paul DeJoe

is the CEO at Ecquire.

Would your CEO publish their personality test? Our’s did.

Our good friends at Cream.HR have the world’s most accurate method for personality assessment.  They can determine cultural fits and screen the best talent based on years of proprietary research from the thought leader in cognitive ability and performance, Dr. Jordan Peterson. Cognitive ability and personality are the key contributors to success which focuses […]

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Introducing Ecquire 2.0

At the beginning of this year we launched Ecquire to solve our own pain of data entry. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses and people who we were able to meet. You shared the same pains, yearned for the same type of efficiency and productivity, and refused to let your software dictate how you […]

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Remote Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As we were starting our company we had some glaring disadvantages that we saw could be solved with a remote structure as well as opportunities to turn them  into advantages. Cash – We just didn’t have it.  So $1,400 / month in savings was helpful. Focus –  We needed more focus and to move quicker. […]

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Why Inbox Zero is Not a Goal

[pinit count=”horizontal” float=”right”] We’ve all become too accessible and now we have goals like inbox zero. Let’s explore the reasons why you would have inbox zero as a goal: 1.  You’re overwhelmed by emails and you’re reminded of it each day a few times a day. 2.  Achieving inbox zero gives you a sense of […]

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Why Messaging and Branding is So Hard

I think it has to do with several key factors: 1. Optimizing H1 tags for the most valuable keywords has significant value in getting you more traffic so your headline is heavily influenced by what’s optimal for getting traffic and not an organic or original thought. Messaging has to be consistent across your site. 2.Be […]

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“Educated Spaghetti Toss”

    Gabe Weinberg is the founder of the search engine DuckDuckGo.  He’s been a great resource and advisor to our team for a few years as well as one of the inspirations to be a leader in privacy.  Gabe’s also working on a book about traction.  He cites that traction is one of the […]

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A Simple Guide for Creating a Lead Scoring Program


[pinit count=”horizontal” float=”right”] High leads volume is good – skimping on lead management and prioritization is not. Without some system for ranking prospects, you risk your sales team wasting time on leads nowhere near buying, and marketers nurturing opportunities that are a bad fit from the start. Fortunately, marketers designed the scoring method to address this issue. Research firm Software […]

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