Paul DeJoe

is the CEO at Ecquire.

Mailchimp Integration…nom nom (Geeks Only)

After connecting three CRMs to Ecquire, we started looking for another integration that could prove to investors and potential partners how flexible the Ecquire system is. And it really is – adding new systems to push data to is as simple as writing an API wrapper with a few required functions and throwing it in […]

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You don’t want press

You want evangelists. There was a post in hacker news on us in in December when we weren’t ready for attention.  The Link is not necessary to read it is just to represent we saw a spike in downloads and usage from new users that day. This is a picture of the spike from usage on that […]

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Chrome Threw us a Freebie

Here at Ecquire we’ve been very happy with letting the Chrome Web Store host our extension and taking care of auto-updates on our behalf. Even more so when they upgraded their interface and discovery platform. But we noticed one small problem with redirecting users to the Chrome Store to download Ecquire. The best way to explain this is […]

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Work / Surf Balance

We’ve been on the defense about our preference to work independently and remotely as a team.  It’s frustrating to explain and seemingly useless to try.  Most of those inquiring are potential investors.  We hear the arguments but undoubtedly for our goals, work styles and personalities, this is 100% the best way for us to work. […]

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Startup Cheat Codes

Throughout the life of Ecquire, I’ve made lots of mistakes spending much more money and time than I really needed to get something done. Every time I figured out a solution in retrospect, I felt pretty dumb that I had missed it. Why had no one told me about these earlier?? I rationalized by calling it a […]

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What if Google Does it?

What if Google Does it? There’s a site dedicated to this answer and it’s really funny.  It’s not funny to everyone though. It’s funny to you if you’ve been in front of a few potential investors or advisors and you get the inevitable question, “What if Google does it?” This question can be annoying for a couple […]

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