Tal Raviv

is Ecquire's CTO . He holds the Guinness Record for the world's largest ball of tape.

6 Reasons Why I Miss My Dumbphone

I joined the 21st century fairly recently when I finally got my first iPhone. Till then I’d been using a “feature phone” – which is a polite way of saying dumb$@%#phone. Yes, I’m the cofounder of a tech company – and yes, I carried around that candy-orange, complimentary Samsung phone that AT&T gave out circa 2006. You […]

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Our Information Diet

  Lately I’ve become more aware of what I eat. I’ve learned to aim for “real” foods, that are complex and wholesome. I’ve learned about sugars, white flour, and processed foods – how a calorie obtained from these is not the same as a calorie from nuts, fruits, or an egg. Both kinds of food […]

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Pipedrive, meet Ecquire

We know you’re busy so we’re gonna just use pictures. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Ecquire, ladies and gentlemen, is now integrated with Pipedrive. When you download Ecquire and select Pipedrive, you’ll be asked to authenticate with Pipedrive with your Pipedrive Credentials. And as always, don’t worry, we don’t see or […]

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Save LinkedIn Messages as Salesforce Activities

One of the big reasons to maintain a full-fledged CRM, rather than a simple address book, is the ability to track activities. Activities include emails, phone calls, meetings – interactions that happen over time. This helps everyone on the team understand the status of a sales contact, and the story behind it. CRM companies like Salesforce have […]

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Tips for Clean Data When Connecting Gmail and LinkedIn with Salesforce

Integrating your Gmail account with Salesforce is a huge step towards peace of mind about your database. But email (and LinkedIn) can be a wild west of contact details, identities, and information. People who you email on one address might respond on another, spell their names slightly differently, or even different company domain names. Ecquire […]

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This Valentine’s Day: A CRM For Your Love Life

Online dating can be a great way to meet your soul mate. If you’ve ever logged on to a site like you’ve probably noticed that the options are endless! The sheer amount of prospects can be quite overwhelming. With so many leads and interactions it’s crucial to stay organized. How else can you properly […]

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Unleashing Our Salesforce Monster

Over the last few months we’ve heard your requests for a smarter, faster, better-looking Salesforce integration. We put all your feedback together and realized the intelligent way to go about this wasn’t to fix a few things here and there, but rather to completely reinvent how we work with Salesforce. Oh, and do a complete […]

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