Toan Dang

is the Founder at Vivata. He writes about technology, startups, life, and business on his personal blog. You can also follow him on Twitter at @toandang.

What Failing in Sales Taught Me About Life

  For years, I never considered myself to be the sales type. Due to the limitations to what I thought I could do, I held myself back from success and even worse, learning important lessons about life. I wasn’t cut out to sell stuff, I thought. I’m more introverted than extroverted. I prefer a quiet […]

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Adding a Day of Productivity Back to your Week

Ecquire is a on mission to give every user of business web services an extra day of productivity to their week. Whether it be email, calendars, marketing software, sales software, customer service, or even social media, you are constantly logging in between and tabbing into these services. Even if you’re the most hardened, disciplined, inhumanly […]

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Salespeople Never Change

People are creatures of habit, and salespeople are no exception. We all have quirky things, reasonable things, or just unexplainable things that we like to do. Salesepople Like Rituals Before a sales call, I like to do 10 pushups and jumping jacks. I also go fix my shirt in the mirror despite the person on […]

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