February 13, 2015

Big Hairy Awesome Changes Coming to Ecquire

We’ve been hard at work using the feedback you provided to build a better Ecquire. In a few days, we are releasing a new version with significant usability and feature improvements that we believe you will prefer!

Major change: A Universal Ecquire Button

You no longer need to look for an Ecquire button to capture a profile or message. Now, Ecquire has a single access point. No matter where you are, you always click the same Ecquire button to capture information and update your CRM.

And, when Ecquire automatically finds a profile or message to capture and send to your CRM, it will let you know without being intrusive:

New feature: Universal Search for all your CRMs

No matter what website you are on, you can click the Ecquire button and immediately search all of your connected CRMs!

We’re really excited about this new update. And, as always, our goal is to save you time from Data Entry! If you have any feedback or concerns about these changes, please let us know.Note: The update will happen automatically over the next several days. You should have the new version of Ecquire no later than March 30th.

When you do get the new version, you will need to re-connect Ecquire to your desired CRM(s).


We regularly receive support requests for an item that is not a bug but rather requires us being better at explaining how we make sure you don’t submit duplicate data and how you know when new data is going in.  In short:  BLUE MEANS NEW.  When you see blue data in the drawer, that means that this is new data going into your CRM.  If it’s black data, it’s data that’s already in there and so clicking submit to CRM will not create a duplicate record, we’ll only add any data that is in blue to the profile you already have.

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