Hiring a front-end developer

We’re growing! We’re a totally remote team and we’re profitable. If you’re not familiar with us, our main product is a Chrome Extension for sales and prospecting teams to instantly update their CRM from the places they work: Gmail, Social Networks etc. You can find out more at our website: We’ve got new features and […]

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What the Best Say About Boards

One of the dangers for startups is that we hang out with other startups. There are complicated dynamics we don’t have experience with and it’s not often that we have access to very successful executives that have been there and done it a number of times. One of those complicated items is a board of […]

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Tips for Clean Data When Connecting Gmail and LinkedIn with Salesforce

Integrating your Gmail account with Salesforce is a huge step towards peace of mind about your database. But email (and LinkedIn) can be a wild west of contact details, identities, and information. People who you email on one address might respond on another, spell their names slightly differently, or even different company domain names. Ecquire […]

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Adding a Day of Productivity Back to your Week

Ecquire is a on mission to give every user of business web services an extra day of productivity to their week. Whether it be email, calendars, marketing software, sales software, customer service, or even social media, you are constantly logging in between and tabbing into these services. Even if you’re the most hardened, disciplined, inhumanly […]

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Unleashing Our Salesforce Monster

Over the last few months we’ve heard your requests for a smarter, faster, better-looking Salesforce integration. We put all your feedback together and realized the intelligent way to go about this wasn’t to fix a few things here and there, but rather to completely reinvent how we work with Salesforce. Oh, and do a complete […]

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Introducing Ecquire 2.0

At the beginning of this year we launched Ecquire to solve our own pain of data entry. We were overwhelmed with the positive responses and people who we were able to meet. You shared the same pains, yearned for the same type of efficiency and productivity, and refused to let your software dictate how you […]

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