The World’s Greatest Privacy Policy – A 2018 update!

WE DO NOT STORE ANY DATA OR MESSAGES YOU SEND TO YOUR CONTACTS AND CRM.  PERIOD. We physically can’t.  We have nowhere to store it.  We don’t even have a server database to store it.  So even if Justin Bieber asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him. That’s why, […]

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What the Best Say About Boards

One of the dangers for startups is that we hang out with other startups. There are complicated dynamics we don’t have experience with and it’s not often that we have access to very successful executives that have been there and done it a number of times. One of those complicated items is a board of […]

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We Break Every Rule of Tech Startups

We each work in any country we want (We’re in Canada, Ghana, US, Israel, one of us lives on a farm, and one of us is about to backpack around southeast Asia with their laptop) We each work any hours we want (we can’t see each other and don’t really care) We take the money […]

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6 Tasks a Non-Technical Cofounder Must Execute

This is Part II of the “Non-Technical Cofounder’s Job” series. You can read Part I here. Each day, I ensure that I am putting the company in the best position to succeed as I can by working towards these 3 goals and executing on these 6 following tasks. Interact with prospects (in this order): Face […]

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A Non-Technical Cofounder’s Day

A Non-Technical Cofounder's Day

“How does a non-technical cofounder provide value? What does a non-technical cofounder even do? Do you need a non-technical cofounder?” These are common questions cropping up in the startup sphere. You’ll probably come across answers like “product management, marketing, sales, and community management”. These are all good answers but I think they come up short […]

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Ecquire Just Ate Some Spinach

What’s in our big secret new release (aside from a can of spinach)? Scroll below. Remember to refresh all your open tabs that use Ecquire (Gmail, LinkedIn, etc) to successfully transition! SPEED. Nuff said. Gmail won’t even know it’s there. So long, duplicate contacts! We triple and quadruple check every contact, looking for opportunities to […]

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