From Side Project to Successful Startup

Designed around simplicity and intuition, easily track your deals and relationships. Stride is a different kind of CRM. Follow us on Twitter or on the Stride Blog. Kevin is the growth guy at Stride, focused on organically scaling with a minimal budget.   From Side Project to Successful Startup  Startups are fun, there’s no doubt about that. However, simply working for a […]

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Peace of Mind is your Startup’s Currency

It is extremely difficult and very competitive to win consumer mindshare. There are great products and services that are not being used because they have failed to prove they’re 10x better than the existing alternative. Yes.  TEN TIMES.  That’s the threshold of incremental improvement a new product must provide to overcome the switching cost a consumer […]

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Remote Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As we were starting our company we had some glaring disadvantages that we saw could be solved with a remote structure as well as opportunities to turn them  into advantages. Cash – We just didn’t have it.  So $1,400 / month in savings was helpful. Focus –  We needed more focus and to move quicker. […]

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