Sales Productivity

From Side Project to Successful Startup

Designed around simplicity and intuition, easily track your deals and relationships. Stride is a different kind of CRM. Follow us on Twitter or on the Stride Blog. Kevin is the growth guy at Stride, focused on organically scaling with a minimal budget.   From Side Project to Successful Startup  Startups are fun, there’s no doubt about that. However, simply working for a […]

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Master your Sales Pitch with a Simple Email

I’ve never heard someone who’s excellent at business development complain about email. Not once. Why? Because they know that emails just simply mirror real life conversations. There’s actually very little difference between these 2 modes of communication and if you’ve mastered one, you’ll be able to do well at the other. So let’s get down […]

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Why Inbox Zero is Not a Goal

[pinit count=”horizontal” float=”right”] We’ve all become too accessible and now we have goals like inbox zero. Let’s explore the reasons why you would have inbox zero as a goal: 1.  You’re overwhelmed by emails and you’re reminded of it each day a few times a day. 2.  Achieving inbox zero gives you a sense of […]

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