What the Best Say About Boards

One of the dangers for startups is that we hang out with other startups. There are complicated dynamics we don’t have experience with and it’s not often that we have access to very successful executives that have been there and done it a number of times. One of those complicated items is a board of […]

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Peace of Mind is your Startup’s Currency

It is extremely difficult and very competitive to win consumer mindshare. There are great products and services that are not being used because they have failed to prove they’re 10x better than the existing alternative. Yes.  TEN TIMES.  That’s the threshold of incremental improvement a new product must provide to overcome the switching cost a consumer […]

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Remote Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As we were starting our company we had some glaring disadvantages that we saw could be solved with a remote structure as well as opportunities to turn them  into advantages. Cash – We just didn’t have it.  So $1,400 / month in savings was helpful. Focus –  We needed more focus and to move quicker. […]

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