After Two Startup Accelerators, What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Ah, spring. Birds chirping, bees humming, and the annual ritual of tech startups kicking off accelerators. Ecquire went through two incubators, one in 2008 and one in 2011. Yep, that’s like repeating third grade twice, but at least now we’re “experts” at utilizing startup accelerators, if nothing else. Looking back at 2008 (DreamIt Ventures) we totally […]

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Publishing a Chrome Extension? 7 Tips to Get More Downloads

Ecquire in the Chrome Web Store

Launching your Chrome Extension is technically very straightforward. However, getting the most from Google’s Chrome Web Store (especially in terms of traffic) is less obvious. Here’s what we at Ecquire have learned from launching on the Chrome Web Store. 1. Beautify Your Chrome Extension Load the Chrome Web Store – look at all the pretty […]

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6 Tasks a Non-Technical Cofounder Must Execute

This is Part II of the “Non-Technical Cofounder’s Job” series. You can read Part I here. Each day, I ensure that I am putting the company in the best position to succeed as I can by working towards these 3 goals and executing on these 6 following tasks. Interact with prospects (in this order): Face […]

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A Non-Technical Cofounder’s Day

A Non-Technical Cofounder's Day

“How does a non-technical cofounder provide value? What does a non-technical cofounder even do? Do you need a non-technical cofounder?” These are common questions cropping up in the startup sphere. You’ll probably come across answers like “product management, marketing, sales, and community management”. These are all good answers but I think they come up short […]

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3 Concentric Circles

The Launch This 1st concentric circle represented a group that would try this, tell us their real feedback, and if they hated it, not go blog about it.  They also represent a group that will try it again when a new version comes out.  This group made us realize that we missed some glaring mistakes […]

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You don’t want press

You want evangelists. There was a post in hacker news on us in in December when we weren’t ready for attention.  The Link is not necessary to read it is just to represent we saw a spike in downloads and usage from new users that day. This is a picture of the spike from usage on that […]

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Startup Cheat Codes

Throughout the life of Ecquire, I’ve made lots of mistakes spending much more money and time than I really needed to get something done. Every time I figured out a solution in retrospect, I felt pretty dumb that I had missed it. Why had no one told me about these earlier?? I rationalized by calling it a […]

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