May 25, 2018


Yup!  It’s another one of those GDPR compliance announcements.  We’re sure that you’ve received so many of these that you are now a GDPR expert!  Here’s how we’ve been tackling GDPR.

By design, Ecquire does not store your activity data.  It never has. The data you view, send, and store in your CRM and other services using Ecquire stays there and is never stored or reviewed by Ecquire.  However, there are a few events that we do track like your email and a token from Recurly, our billing partner to know if you have a paid subscription for Ecquire.

Our event tracking log is specifically for debugging and helps us make Ecquire better for our users.  It tracks events like, “Installed Ecquire,” or “Sent data to CRM.” However, we do not see any of the data you have sent.  These logs are routinely deleted.

All of our users have the right to request a copy, delete or modify their data. This request can be sent by simply emailing us at

The following is a list of sub processors where data is shared with or stored:


Helpscout – Helpdesk Software whereby email and content of support requests will reside.

Mixpanel – Event tracking software where events like, “installed ecquire” are tracked.

Recurly – Billing provider that processes credit card payments.

Ecquire uses to pull email guesses.  These emails are publicly available and it’s sources can be found through’s website.


Watch for further updates to our GDPR compliance, privacy policy and terms of service.  Should you have any other questions, we’re here to help:

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