June 19, 2012

How to Add Tasks, Tags, and Contacts to Highrise with 1-Click

The #1 asked question from Highrise CRM users is

“how do I forward, cc, or bcc an email into Highrise?”

The awesome folks at 37 Signals recognized that your contact manager is only a database and storage for your business information. It should be as easy and intuitive to put information into it and just as easy to take information out. So they created Highrise email dropbox. Your Highrise dropbox is an email address that you can send different tasks and contacts to. On the back end, Highrise receives that information and creates the right contact with the right tags and tasks for you.

As we continued to learn and become more sophisticated with how we used our Highrise CRM, we realized that something could be done to improve the productivity for all Highrise users. Instead of having to type in details for contacts, tags, and tasks – and then send them to 3 different dropboxes, why not do it all at once? and with 1-click?

Enter Ecquire’s integration with Highrise.

How to Add Contacts to Highrise with 1-Click

The most important feature from our Highrise integration is the ability to save new contacts into Highrise and update existing ones with 1-click. You can use Ecquire to capture contacts from Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Here’s how:

Ecquire automatically adds contacts to Highrise while you're messaging them.

As you compose a message in Gmail, Ecquire automatically captures information like name, email, and the body of the message. With 1-click, you are able to add that contact along with the message into Highrise without ever having to log into your account.

How to Easily Add Tasks and Tags in Highrise

Simple and easy way to add tasks and tags to Highrise
Instead of having to BCC your different Highrise dropbox accounts each time you want to create a tag or task, you can open up the edit field in Ecquire and add them at the same time.

  1. Click More
  2. Add or create new tags for the contact
  3. Create a task
  4. Assign the task to a team member
  5. Set the due date for the task.


And with that, we cut out hours of data entry each week, increasing our Highrise CRM productivity.

If you have any tips for how to increase productivity using Highrise, we’d love to hear them below.

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