October 20, 2017

Install to Import: Getting Started with Ecquire to Boost Your Productivity

What happens when you click “Add To Chrome?”  Well, a lot of things!  For one, you’ll end up saving more time on your work day by automating that tedious copy and paste workflow into your CRM.  However, we understand that the initial set up can be a bit confusing.  This is one of the things that we wish to improve for our users. (1)

The extension will automatically download and install itself after clicking “Add to Chrome” and “Add Extension.”  Once the extension installs,  click the Ecquire button to connect it to your CRM.

Ecquire is able to connect to Salesforce, Highrise, Pipedrive, Mailchimp and Google Docs.  In this case, we are connecting to a Google Docs spreadsheet, by clicking the checkbox.  If you have multiple Google aliases, like me, choose the account you wish to connect to.  From here, we have a choice of either selecting an existing spreadsheet or creating a new one. Here, I select an existing spreadsheet titled, “Super Awesome People.” (2)


Now, we can try to import.  We head back over to LinkedIn and go through the steps for importing.  We view a profile and click the Ecquire button.  Then, we select the data we want to import and create a record in our CRM (Google docs in this case).  But, we’re not quite ready to import just yet. We need to “Unlock” Ecquire first by clicking that gray unlock button. (3)


This is a confusing but also an important step. Why do we need to Unlock Ecquire?

Unlocking Ecquire establishes and authenticates your account. We need to enter a name and email address.  Ecquire will then send an unlock link to that email address.  It will look like this:


Clicking the link will take you to this screen, where you can choose to go to your Dashboard.  Just for kicks, we’re going to take a peek at the dashboard. (5)



Here, we have Jon Snow’s dashboard.  He is a trial user and is limited to 15 imports/updates per month.

If he decides to upgrade, he would first need to click Subscription Settings to purchase a seat.  Then, click the green Upgrade button to unlock Ecquire for unlimited imports.  

Adding team members to the account can be done through + Team Member link.  You would enter the name and email address of your team member.  It will then send a link to for him/her to download and install Ecquire.

Why add a team member?  Teams of 2 and up qualify for a multi-license discount should you need to upgrade.  Also, it makes it easy to manage the team and keep track of prospecting stats.


But anyway, onto importing!

Just as before, we go through the steps of viewing our profile, clicking the Ecquire button and selecting the data for import into our CRM.  This time, it should go straight through to our spreadsheet. (6)

And that’s it!  Every profile import after that should go through easily.  If it doesn’t, shoot us an email by clicking the “?” at the bottom right of the drawer.  It sends an email directly to

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