October 4, 2012

Introducing Ecquire 2.0

At the beginning of this year we launched Ecquire to solve our own pain of data entry.

We were overwhelmed with the positive responses and people who we were able to meet. You shared the same pains, yearned for the same type of efficiency and productivity, and refused to let your software dictate how you worked.

Together, we were able to discover the most efficient workflow for you with a simple, seamless, and intuitive product.

For the last 4 months, we have been building the next evolution of Ecquire and are ecstatic to introduce you to Ecquire 2.0

A New Elegant Workflow

Your workflow is sacred. We’ve learned that you have your own habits and routine for how you like to do things. And it takes a lot of thought and insight to provide the right experience and tool that is elegant enough to not disrupt your workflow.

Respectful of your concentration, Ecquire anticipates when it will be most useful for you and only enters your workflow at the most appropriate time and in a subtle fashion. In the moment where you’ve just sent a message, Ecquire appears and enables you to capture a contact and message to your CRM. Or you can simply continue with your work without any disruption.

Fresh Design

Stripping away the unnecessary clicks and buttons that users had to make, we created a fresh new design that presented information in a tidy Ecquire Drawer that allows you to view and edit all the fields without any more clicks.

Automatic Data Entry

We strongly believe in the power of automation. Especially when it frees up your time so that you can spend more time talking to customers, running your business, or just doing what you like.

With the autosubmit feature, you can now automatically log all future messages with prospects and customers to your CRM. What if you don’t want to record a particular message? No problem, cancel it with one click.

Excited? Get Ecquire 2.0 today.

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