September 19, 2015

The World’s Greatest Privacy Policy – A 2018 update!


We physically can’t.  We have nowhere to store it.  We don’t even have a server database to store it.  So even if Justin Bieber asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him.
That’s why, with Ecquire, what happens on your computer stays on your computer.

Whenever you want to send your data to your CRM like Salesforce or Google Docs, your data only moves when you tell it to – over the secure connections of those services and your browser. No middleman is between your communications.  We’re proud to be able to say this.

However, there is only one time we would ever see your data – that’s when you submit a bug report.  These reports are meant for debugging purposes and are routinely deleted.   We’re doing away with logging bug reports and solely relying on Mixpanel for debugging and event tracking.

Mixpanel is an industry standard analytics tool.  It allows us to see that an event happened, like “Justin Bieber sent data to a CRM” or “Justin Bieber uninstalled and reinstalled Ecquire”.  We cannot see any contacts or messages exchanged however as mentioned above. Mixpanel helps us understand how our customers use Ecquire, ways to improve Ecquire and where customers are getting stuck.

We do save your email. Your email is required to create your account with Ecquire.

Your billing information is stored in Recurly.  This is where you are able to manage your subscription and billing information.

All of your emails to our are stored in Helpscout.

If at any time you wish for us to copy, modify or remove your information, you may do so by sending us an email through

When you install Ecquire, Chrome indicates the extension can access “your data on all websites.” If you’re into privacy like we’re into privacy, that should freak you out.



Chrome has to give this warning because there’s a lot of people developing extensions out there. We can only speak for ourselves: Ecquire will only access the sites you explicitly ask it to (such as Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter). Most importantly, you’ll always be able to tell when Ecquire is running.

We built Ecquire for you the way we want other people to build services for us: no more passwords, no more registrations, no more worrying about one more place where my data is and no possibility of anyone seeing our personal data.

6 Comments on “The World’s Greatest Privacy Policy – A 2018 update!

Bill Pasnau
February 10, 2012 at 9:14 pm

You’re spot on, this is the best privacy policy of all time. I wish your company tremendous success. Hopefully you’ll be able to teach your philosophy to many other organizations. Can’t wait to check out how your product works!


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March 8, 2014 at 12:54 pm

That has very much helped me in deciding whether to try you. I’m the sad guy that reads this stuff.

Paul DeJoe
March 8, 2014 at 2:59 pm

You say, “sad guy”, Dixon. We say “Hero”.


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