The World’s Greatest Privacy Policy

We don’t store your data, period.

We physically can’t. We have nowhere to store it.  We don’t even have a server database to store it.  So even if Justin Bieber asked nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show him.

That’s why, with Ecquire, what happens on your computer stays on your computer.


Whenever you want to send your data to your CRM or Mailchimp or Google Docs, – it only moves when you tell it to, and over their secure connections. No middleman.

We’re proud to be able to say this. We’re even prouder that we don’t even ask you for your email address or name to use Ecquire ever.

Finally, when you install Ecquire, Chrome indicates the extension can access “your data on all websites.” If you’re into privacy like we’re into privacy, that should freak you out.

Chrome has to give this warning because there’s a lot of people developing extensions out there. We can only speak for ourselves: Ecquire will only access the sites you explicitly ask it to (such as Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter). Most importantly, you’ll always be able to tell when Ecquire is running.

We built Ecquire for you the way we want other people to build services for us: no more passwords, no more registrations, no more worrying about one more place where my data is and no possibility of anyone seeing our personal data.

Thanks for reading what we think is the greatest privacy policy ever even though I don’t think we’ve ever actually read another privacy policy.


is the CEO at Ecquire.


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