October 1, 2012

Salespeople Never Change

Not moving

People are creatures of habit, and salespeople are no exception.

We all have quirky things, reasonable things, or just unexplainable things that we like to do.

Salesepople Like Rituals

Before a sales call, I like to do 10 pushups and jumping jacks. I also go fix my shirt in the mirror despite the person on the other line never even seeing my shirt. But that’s what I like to do.

I also have a daily morning ritual too: no email.

After years of doing the same routine, I’ve buit a strong habit and groove. That’s how I know how to perform and how I can get the best results out of my day.

You probably have your own rituals too, your own favorite tools, and a process for how you like to work.

But despite this fact, I’ve seen hundreds of companies and managers ignore the habits of their salespeople and try to change how they work. They implement CRMs.

CRMs are Habit Changers

CRMs take what was traditionally an abstract thing called relationships and turn it into concrete data. The problem with relationships though, is that they’re very complex. Ask any of your non-single friends and they’ll tell you.

Relationships in a CRM

With such a complex thing, you will need a lot of data. And a lot of data means that someone will need to record, track, and analyze them.

Tasks that usually fall on the sales rep.

We’re at an impasse.

Companies rely on their reps to spend time entering accurate, complete, and clean data into their CRM. But they still expect increasing productivity and performance. While sales reps must change their habits and workflow to incorporate CRMs and take the time to enter that data.

If I had to bet on what’s going to change, I’d bet on CRMs. Because salespeople never change.

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