June 3, 2013

Save LinkedIn Messages as Salesforce Activities

One of the big reasons to maintain a full-fledged CRM, rather than a simple address book, is the ability to track activities. Activities include emails, phone calls, meetings – interactions that happen over time. This helps everyone on the team understand the status of a sales contact, and the story behind it.

CRM companies like Salesforce have provided plenty of tools to save emails to Salesforce (like the BCC feature) or companies like Close.IO who allow you to log calls. That’s fantastic, but there’s a big type of interactions that is currently very tedious to import to Salesforce: LinkedIn messages.

These little guys: LinkedIn Messages

These little guys

LinkedIn has long been an essential tool for sales prospecting, research, and most of all – making contact. Entire conversations and stages of the sales pipeline might happen on LinkedIn. And in telling the sales story, every detail might be important, starting from the very first invitation to connect.

At Ecquire our goal is to make sure you can work wherever is best for you. If LinkedIn messages are how you communicate with potential prospects, then it should be very easy for you to integrate that with your CRM of choice. We’ll use Salesforce as the example today.

The second 30 seconds of this video shows this in action – highly recommended – start watching around 0:32 seconds.

Here’s how to do this easily:

Grab a Free Copy of Ecquire

This is a totally free, hands-off process. We’re proud that we don’t require any emails, passwords, or registration. Privacy is super important to us; we’re a little fanatical about it, in fact. Ecquire is totally free for the first two weeks, and for many of you reading this post, that might be all you need.

Download Ecquire and connect to your CRM of choice

Once you’ve connected Ecquire to Salesforce (should take about 3.2 seconds), it’s time to head over to LinkedIn.

Visit a Message You’ve Received or Sent in the Past…

You’ll see a little Ecquire button show up to the right of the message. Go ahead and click this.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.43.32 PM

Before sending to Salesforce, you can choose which Contact or Lead to associate the message with (Ecquire will make an automatic best guess to save you time)

Ecquire lets you make sure your CRM data stays clean and organized.

…Or Send a New Message

It would be super convenient to save messages to Salesforce (or any CRM) as we send them off. This would keep our workflows smooth and focused on the task at hand. This is definitely possible with Ecquire. It all depends on which workflow you personally prefer (our customers are split down the middle on this one).

Start composing a new LinkedIn message…

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.02.57 PM

As soon as you hit “Send” Ecquire will pop up a subtle dialogue at the top of LinkedIn asking if this is a message you want to save.

Save a new LinkedIn message to salesforce

(If you’re not interested, it will disappear automatically if you click somewhere else on the screen to minimize distractions).

We hope our product saves you valuable time. Let our engineers know or tweet at us if there’s any improvements you see that we can make to make your workflow more efficient.

P.S. People who are interested in saving LinkedIn messages to Salesforce (or CRM in general) usually also benefit a ton from how to save LinkedIn profiles as Salesforce contacts and leads – it’s a 30 second read and might save you hours a week.

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