November 18, 2012

Say Hello to Ecquire and Goodbye to BCC

Have you ever sent an email to a contact and then realized “damn, I forgot to BCC them to Highrise”?

It wasn’t a cool feeling for us either.  So we fixed it.

Imagine if there was a way for you to always remember to BCC contacts to Highrise. Even better, imagine if there was a way for it to be automatic and for you to be able to create the associated tasks right away so you don’t forget.

You’d be able to go back to running your business, talking to customers, and making sales. If this is something you’d love, then Ecquire will soon be your best friend.

Ecquire is a productivity tool for Highrise. It stays in your workflow in Gmail, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and many other places too.  Ecquire is the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to add contacts to Highrise.

Your Own BCC Reminder

Once you download Ecquire, one of the first things you’ll notice is the Ecquire Bar. After you send a message in Gmail, Ecquire enters your workflow to remind you to send the contact to Highrise.

If it’s not a contact that you’d like to add to Highrise, easily ignore the contact and Ecquire will never show up again for future messages with them. One of the cool things is that Ecquire learns your workflow the more you use it. Soon, it will know when to and when not to show up in your workflow.

Take Highrise Anywhere

Ecquire Drawer Snapshot

Ecquire makes it possible to add contacts from anywhere you are working. Wherever you find contacts that should be in Highrise, there will be a button for you to click and easily add them to your CRM.

The Ecquire Drawer automatically captures relevant information from the message that you sent. It first scans your Highrise to determine if you need to create a new contact or update an existing one.

You’ll get the power of Highrise right inside your workflow. Create tags, tasks, and edit background details all from where you are working.

Gmail Integration for Highrise

Set It and Forget It

Ecquire Auto Submit

One of our favorite features is Ecquire’s Auto Submit feature. There are certain contacts where almost every email and communication is important to keep track of. And now, you can do it automatically.

Check the “auto submit” box in Ecquire and every time you talk to this contact in the future, you can automatically record the message to Highrise without you having to do anything.

And should there ever be a message where you don’t want to record the message, cancel it, just as easily.

Work Anywhere

Your business relationships are everywhere, in your payment processor, social media, and customer service software. Now Ecquire has built integrations to help you move your contacts from those places to Highrise just as easily as you would with Gmail.

Highrise integrations

What are you waiting for?

Ecquire is free to try and only $9/month for unlimited use. There’s no sign up or password needed because Ecquire simply makes the secure connection between Highrise and your workflow.  Ecquire will start working for you within 10 seconds.

Download it now at

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