Save LinkedIn Messages as Salesforce Activities

One of the big reasons to maintain a full-fledged CRM, rather than a simple address book, is the ability to track activities. Activities include emails, phone calls, meetings – interactions that happen over time. This helps everyone on the team understand the status of a sales contact, and the story behind it. CRM companies like Salesforce have […]

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Tips for Clean Data When Connecting Gmail and LinkedIn with Salesforce

Integrating your Gmail account with Salesforce is a huge step towards peace of mind about your database. But email (and LinkedIn) can be a wild west of contact details, identities, and information. People who you email on one address might respond on another, spell their names slightly differently, or even different company domain names. Ecquire […]

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Unleashing Our Salesforce Monster

Over the last few months we’ve heard your requests for a smarter, faster, better-looking Salesforce integration. We put all your feedback together and realized the intelligent way to go about this wasn’t to fix a few things here and there, but rather to completely reinvent how we work with Salesforce. Oh, and do a complete […]

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32 Salesforce Guides That You Shouldn’t Miss

Salesforce is a pretty darn serious business. I’m sure you’ve all been asked to or considered getting Salesforce for your company. But there’s so much at stake and with the majority of implementations failing, what should you do? If you’re the person responsible for deciding the fate of your company’s CRM fate, our list of […]

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