March 19, 2012

4 Awesome Apps to Turn Your Gmail into a Productive Sales Machine

Email is the centre of your sales operation. You use it for prospecting, lead generation, and even closing deals. With Gmail apps, you can turn your email into powerful sales tool by integrating it with your CRM, connecting it to your mobile phone, and pulling in critical customer information right into your inbox.

We’ve scoured the Chrome Web Store to present you our list of the 5 awesome app to turn your Gmail into a productive sales machine.


Screenshot of Rapportive

Rapportive adds a name, a face, and even Twitter account to every email. No longer do you have to jump on to Google or your database to remember who this person is who has emailed you. Rapportive pulls in and displays all that information right in your inbox.


Screenshot of Ecquire

You email hundreds of different people on any given week, especially if you’re in sales and marketing. Remembering important information such as when was the last time you were in touch and who the last contact was is critical. Unfortunately, this takes hours upon hours to go in and manually enter the data in your CRM. Ecquire solves this problem. It takes all your data entry work into your Gmail and automatically does the work for you. Watch while it updates and creates contacts in your CRM without you ever lifting a finger.


Screenshot of Boomerang

Scheduling an email is a godsend for sales and marketing. Reach your customers when they’re most likely to to be checking – early in the morning, later in the afternoon, or whenever you found you’ve had most success. Send follow-up emails and reminders weeks or months ahead, today, so that you don’t forget. On the flip-side, schedule emails for yourself so that you never forget. Set reminders for replies by pulling the email right to the top of your inbox on schedule. Boomerang adds the scheduling functionality to all your outgoing and incoming emails.


Screenshot of AwayFind

Timing is sometimes the key factor in getting a deal done. But you could be on the road with another client or travelling for business, not always connected to your email. AwayFind allows you to easily create alerts for important emails so that you get notified when it gets into your inbox.

So those are our favorite Gmail sales tools. Have any others that you think should be part of the list? Share in the comments below.

One Comment on “4 Awesome Apps to Turn Your Gmail into a Productive Sales Machine

July 26, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Boomerang Rocks! Totally worth the $.

If you have a huge inbox because it is your main “to do” list, Boomerang will help. So glad my company went to Google Apps…..


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