October 22, 2012

Unleashing Our Salesforce Monster

Over the last few months we’ve heard your requests for a smarter, faster, better-looking Salesforce integration. We put all your feedback together and realized the intelligent way to go about this wasn’t to fix a few things here and there, but rather to completely reinvent how we work with Salesforce.

Oh, and do a complete makeover to clear up room for the new capabilities.

We’ve heard your woes and we’ve felt your pain, and today we’re proud to announce these major improvements that’ll have you gleaming.

First: How to get the update – the update will automatically start over the next 24 hours, but if you want it now, simply go to Window > Extensions, and click the button below. Then refresh all your Gmail tabs and you’ll be set.

This update is especially dedicated to the folks over at Hire EDU. Thanks for your patience and all your efforts. You guys get to play this in the background while you read these improvements.

Fewer API Calls. Much Fewer.

Our old integration wasn’t very smart. It would request updates from Salesforce even when there was nothing new to report. As of today, Ecquire talks to Salesforce only when it absolutely needs to.

Got Big Data? No Problem

This one goes out to Nick who has more leads in his Salesforce than there are companies on this continent. Large data sets used to make everything in Ecquire wait. Today Ecquire intelligently picks the records it needs to use and leaves the rest in the cloud.

Custom Fields

That’s right Tomasz and Paul S, and all the other Salesforce nerds out there: If you’ve customized your Salesforce objects and fields including required custom fields you will now see them show up seamlessly in Ecquire. Also you can count on the way you laid out your edit pages to be kept in Ecquire, so you can work just as efficiently.

Salesforce Record Types, Layouts, Profiles, and Roles

If you know what these are, you don’t need us to explain what it means for us to support them. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re a better person than us and please don’t change.

Ecquire now supports Salesforce Record Types on your objects, so users in your organizations see the fields laid out and validated according to record type available to their profile and role.

More improvements in the pipeline for Salesforce – we’re listening for you to tell us what you’d like to see next and what you think of the new update. Email – we’re all over the globe so your message will go straight to whoever is online at the moment.


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