What Sales Productivity Looks like with Gmail and Salesforce

If you’re a sales rep, you’re probably strapped for time. You’ve got a quarterly goal to hit, but you’ve got calls, demos, emails, lead generation, follow-ups, activity tracking, and invoices to tend to.

Every minute that you’re not selling is another minute that you’re not using to hit your sales goal.

So how do you appease your manager and get all the logging and activity tracking done without taking time away from selling?

Easy, automate it.

Instead of spending hours every week copying and pasting conversations into Salesforce, I spend a few minutes using Ecquire to make sure that my company knows exactly what I’m doing and are kept up-to-date with the latest progess with clients.

Saving received emails from Gmail to Salesforce

I use email as a way of following up with leads. The typical email will be about how a prospect is liking our product and what they think could be improved. A lot of valuable feedback that I can relay to the tech team and for understanding what problems our product can solve for them.

So the first thing I do when I receive an email is click to log the message into Salesforce.

Saving received emails to Salesforce

Logging emails and tasks from Gmail to Salesforce

I’m a huge fan of monotasking – doing only one task at once. So when I write emails, I block time to only write emails. I try to only have one window open and focus all of my attention on writing the best email possible.

Composing the best email ever

Want to learn how to write an email that works? Check here and here.

To aid with my focus on monotasking, Ecquire is there to log the email to my Salesforce so that I can stay focused on my emails and keep productivity.

Save Gmail to Salesforce


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