Faster Salesforce Prospecting

Don’t waste time copying and pasting contact data from LinkedIn to Salesforce. Just open Ecquire and easily capture LinkedIn Profiles as new Salesforce Contacts, Leads or Accounts in 1-Click.
Add to Chrome
Add Salesforce Leads from LinkedIn
Open Ecquire and experience 1-click prospecting. Ecquire will automatically capture the profile data to easily send to your CRM.
Capture InMails™ and messages automatically
Send an InMails™ or message to an existing contact and Ecquire can automatically add that message to Salesforce – no duplicates!
Search your CRM from anywhere
Easily cross reference LinkedIn with your Salesforce. Just open Ecquire and search for any record in your Salesforce.
Works with your favourite CRMs and websites
Send data to Salesforce, Highrise, Pipedrive and more. Automatically capture data from Gmail, Crunchbase, LinkedIn and more.

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