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Work in a Surf Town for Maximum Productivity

We Break Every Rule of Tech Startups

  • We each work in any country we want
  • We each work any hours we want (we can’t see each other and don’t really care)
  • We take the money we save on office rent and use it to fly to Norway to kayak and hack with partner startups, Canada to surf and hack on a beach, San Francisco… you get the idea.
  • We’ve turned down acquisition offers.
  • We have unlimited vacation.
  • We have paying customers (not just our moms)
  • We have the world’s greatest privacy policy because we don’t ask users for their email or to create passwords (while still being very data-driven)
Ecquire Meetup, Sonoma 2014

Ecquire Meetup, Sonoma 2014

What Technologies Do You Play With?

We make JavaScript and Chrome do things they were never intended to do.

You need to know how the internet works and have a love/hate relationship with JavaScript. And, you must be have a strong grasp of Git.

We’ve got Backbone, Node, Python/Flask, React, Mithril. We prefer POJOs over ‘classes’ and enjoy dipping our toes in functional programming.

Still interested?

Great. We don’t care about your résumé or stack overflow account or your github. We’ll pay you to do some quick freelance project that will go into production. This way you can decide if you really want to work with us, and vice versa. We move fast so any job offer would come quickly after. Either way you just made some money.

Email paul at ecquire dot com

We mostly care about your personality and if you fit our culture, so instead of a résumé tell us in 2-3 sentences what you do for fun. Or, whatever.

Thanks. I just emailed you guys. What’s a typical day like?

If you’re like Paul (CEO), you get up insanely early to get the hardest things done over a great coffee then hit a run, a crossfit workout, then back to work on the fun things for the company.


New customer celebration?


As a developer you’ve got choices. Performance optimizations, handle bug reports, new features … new PRODUCTS?! We’ve got a ton to do, and our goal is to always save our customer’s time.

Usually you work wherever you feel like it. Last week you went to your family’s farm and worked on the porch. (The rest of your team members are in Vancouver, Tucson, Halifax… you could be in Ulaanbaatar or Quito)

We use Trello for collecting ideas and prioritizing what to work on. Each product/project has its’ own board and each team member has their own list.

Later in the day, you get an email from a paying customer. She thanks you for quickly fixing an issue she had because she uses Ecquire every single day and can’t imagine life before it. Like all the customers you’ve helped around the world, you can sense they are in love with our company because they know we give a damn.

Your coffee is still piping hot. You take a sip, put on your headphones, and the fun begins.


What people say about Ecquire

Ecquire rocks my socks. – Sarah
I have fallen in love with your product and I think I’ll be a subscriber for a long time coming. I can’t live without it! -Tomasz
We can’t remember how we did business before @Ecquire – Placeling
My life gets better with every new version of your software. – Mike
“Get. a. real. job. One where I understand what you do. Love, Mom” – Paul’s Mom
You guys…..such funny nut punchers. – Leonard
Has saved me at least a bazillion hours so far. – Collin
You guys rock at turning feedback into features. I love it. Shazaam! – Lindsay
too stoked to see how our team can use this! thx for building it!! -ipsheeta
This is pretty badass! -Evan Schwartz
Pretty slick stuff. Way to address the pain point. – Ben
You guys kick ass! Literally the best tool I have used to keep me humming since Evernote!
Clever as hell – Ryan
Happy to pay for a good service :) -Dave

You guys are funny! Thank you for making the demo, website, and install so enjoyable. – Wendy
“CRM needs to be reinvented.  Love what you are doing.” – Dan
“Awesome job! Thanks for making this app.” – Richie
“Impressive how simple this is.” – Warren
“Ecquire thus far has been pretty dang sweet I do have to say.” – Patrick

Email paul at ecquire dot com

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