Does Burger King Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2023)

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Burger King is a pretty renowned brand in the fast Food chain of restaurants and serves quality food to all its customers via in-store services, online services, and drive-thru facilities. It is a favorite choice of a large crowd of people all around the globe.

Considering the significant number of customers the restaurant encounters, online payments are expected to be an option for facilitating easy customer service.

Apple Pay is an online payment app limited only to Apple users, and it is widely accepted by many retailers and services. But does Burger King accept Apple Pay?

It is known that Burger King allows online payments through some platforms, but the real question of this article is whether it takes payment through Apple Pay or not.

Thus, here in this article, we have discussed the same and linked many other questions related to Burger King and Apple Pay. Read along to learn more about it and have a clear idea the next time you grab a bite of your favorite burger.

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Burger King does not take Apple Pay as one of its modes of payment in the system.

It is saddening news for all the Apple users who love hanging out at Burger King often. They had excluded its service from their chain in 2019.

The restaurant chain used to accept payments made via Apple Pay through its app. However, in-store prices or self-service were never facilitated by Apple Pay at Burger King.

does burger king accept apple pay

Now, the situation has turned out such that the customers easily place an order in the restaurant itself, or from a self-service, drive-thru, or even the app with home service. Still, Apple Pay shall not remain one of the options to explore at the time of payment.

Why Does Burger King Not Take Apple Pay?

There are a few reasons why Burger King does not consider Apple Pay as one of its payment platforms.

To start with, the most plausible reason might be because of the customers facing issues while paying at the restaurants. Payment via Apple Pay at the restaurant or drive-thru had been permanently restricted, which might have been a reason for the customers’ frustration.

Furthermore, the company had partnered with PayPal, yet another payment platform and, thus, definitely a competitor of Apple Pay in the rat race.

Burger King might have found two payment platforms of the same type to be an unnecessary feature, thus eliminating Apple Pay from the game and choosing PayPal as one of its payment options.

Also, even though Apple Pay was one of the leading payment transactions apps in the US, PayPal was a platform that could easily get adapted to Burger King’s internal system and payment methods.

Thus, these are some of the possible reasons which caused Burger King to eliminate iOS from its payment systems.

When Will Burger King Start Taking Apple Pay?

Till the time Burger King stays as a partner with PayPal and Venmo, it is hard to think of Burger King taking Apple Pay as one of its payment options.

Moreover, Burger King’s hardcore competitor, McDonald’s, allows its users to use Apple Pay for payments, which could be a reason behind the expected not taking place.

However, we never know that Burger King might permit Apple Pay again in the near future as the latter is providing offers like value coupons for purchasing a Whopper for participating Burger King restaurants.

All we can say as of now is that let’s wait and see if time turns over things for the better.

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Burger King?

It is truly disheartening for Apple users to know about the unavailability of Apple Pay as a method of payment at Burger King.

However, until the system gets started once again (if ever), it is better to look for other options that could help us make the payment procedure as simple as Apple Pay. Let’s go!

  • PayPal (through an app)
  • Venmo (through an app)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Burger King Gift Cards
  • Cash

Even though Apple Pay might not be permitted, you could use your mobile wallet anytime to withdraw liquid cash from the ATM, which accepts NFC transactions.

what payment methods available at burger king

Which Restaurants Accept Apple Pay?

If you are looking for other restaurants that could help you take advantage of Apple Pay’s usage, here’s the list!

  • Baskin Robbins
  • Chick Fil A
  • Au Bon Pain
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Fuddruckers
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Jamba Juice
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • McDonald’s
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Rubio’s
  • Panera Bread
  • White Castle
  • Subway

As an alternative to Burger King, trying these few restaurants offering you good food and payment via Apple Pay shall help you get what you wish!

How Can I Use The Burger King App?

The Burger King App has a pretty easy algorithm to understand and abide by. Once you’re done downloading the app from the PlayStore or the Apple Store, click on the Burger King icon present on the home screen.

On opening the app, you will be asked to fill up the respective payment details to make your upcoming debits smoother and more accessible.

What Could Be The Benefits Of Using the Burger King App?

When a restaurant chain or any brand has its app, it is advisable to go for it as you might be able to fetch benefits there. Luckily, Burger King also has an app with appreciable benefits to offer its customers.

Firstly, the app lets you earn points named ‘Crowns,’ which can be earned every time you make a purchase, no matter how small or big it is. These Burger King Crowns give you a chance to get your hands on free food whenever you buy a Whopper with cheese.

Adding these coupon points to the app is simple; you must tap on ‘Earn BK Crows,’ and you will see a code available on the screen. The cashier shall scan the code; boom, the Crowns have been successfully added to your account!

Purchasing an order worth $5 will unlock 50 such crowns. Even Burger King’s onion rings are the grand talk of the crowd, which can help you avail of crazy deals and discounts on your purchases.

Apart from discounts, the app lets you filter for locating stores near you or looking for special promotions and deals.

It is an entirely free app that can be a significant game-changer in budget-making.

Burger King App Vs. Apple Pay: Which Is Better?

Apple Pay has done an excellent job serving as a payment platform in the Burger King and Burger King app; a somewhat replacement of the same is also satisfying the customers exceptionally well.

On a positive note, the deals and discounts available at Burger King app, coupons, and first-come, first-serve offers are bringing in a reasonable amount of profit to the brand.


It might be a misfortune for Apple users that Apple Pay is not one of the methods for facilitating payment at Burger King. Well, other payment options still exist, and you could easily opt for one without a doubt!

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