Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay in 2023? All You Need to Know!

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Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay or not? That’s what we are going to talk about in this article in detail.

Home Depot is an American multi-national home-enhancing corporation that has tools and products to make your home look even more lively and better. Even better, it is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States.

Thus, online payments should be a must-have option for some big companies like this. Truly enough, digital payments made our lives a lot more convenient and secure, and Apple Pay is one of them.

In this article, I have provided insights on whether Apple Pay is available as a payment option at Home Depot and the reason behind it, the possibility of the choice ever coming back, other acceptable payment methods, and a few more topics to explore in brief.

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

It’s sad to know that Home Depot, one of the leading retailers in its industry, does not accept payments via Apple Pay.

However, the brand used to allow transactions through Apple Pay earlier, but due to some unwanted circumstances, they have now no longer access to receiving payments via Apple Pay.

does home depot accept apple pay

The brand, Home Depot, has partnered with PayPal, and until both of them part ways, it’s hard to think that Apple Pay will be accepted at Depot. As both PayPal and Apple Pay are digital payment platforms, Home Depot chose PayPal as its payment option.

The store still allows you to use other various standard methods of payment, like cash, credit and debit cards, cheque, or PayPal.

Why Does Home Depot Not Take Apple Pay?

There are many possible reasons that could explain why Home Depot isn’t accepting payment through Apple Pay. Here are a few of them:

  • One of the primary reasons can be attributed to the partnering of PayPal with Home Depot. Since PayPal is already a platform that could facilitate easy payments, they might not have felt the need to have another outlet of the same kind.

Thus, Apple Pay might have been eliminated from the list. Interestingly, PayPal is one of the significant Apple Pay competitors in the race.

  • Another reason that could be cited is that Apple Pay utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for various payments.

Unfortunately, the NFC technology is not yet available extensively, making Apple Pay unsuitable for being a part of Home Depot’s payment methods.

These are some of the possible reasons which could have been the possible reason behind this parting of Apple Pay from Home Depot and, as a result, not being a part of it anymore.

When Will Home Depot Start Accepting Apple Pay?

It is rather challenging to say whether Home Depot will ever restart accepting payments through Apple Pay. If ever Home Depot and PayPal split, a possibility might still arise.

I believe that NFC technology will become more popular among the crowd. If such happens, the retailers might somewhat find it convenient to consider Apple Pay as one of their payment options.

Moreover, in due time, if Apple Pay gets lucky enough to have a good majority of users, the retailers might focus their interest on making Apple Pay one of its partners and include the platform to stay ahead in the rat race.

Thus, as you can understand, there is a possibility but, sadly, no certainty to the fact of Home Depot accepting payments via Apple Pay again.

If you need to use digital payments on Home Depot, I suggest you consider PayPal if you find it convenient. They shall fulfill all your purposes, just like Apple Pay might have done earlier.

apple pay at home depot

What Payment Methods Are Accepted At Home Depot?

Now that you know that Apple Pay is no longer accepted at Home Depot, looking for its alternatives is a smart move. While PayPal exists as an option, there are some other platforms that you could try out for paying your bills at Home Depot.

  • Cash is always a favorable option at almost every store or shop.
  • Payment via Check
  • Debit and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Home Depot Gift cards can be purchased online or at stores.
  • Home Depot credit card

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Home Depot Credit Card?

Home Depot Credit Card can be an excellent deal to consider as an alternative to Apple Pay. Here are some benefits you could check out if you wish to avail of this offer.

  • The card has got $0 annual fee, which allows you to use the card for free for life.
  • The card provides its issuers with $25, $50, and $100 discounts based on the amount spent on the card.
  • You can avail of six months of no interest on purchasing items costing $299 or above.
  • You can avail of a credit line of up to $55000 for working on major renovation projects.
  • The return window period for Home Depot products shall be one year, which is much more than most consumers’ return period length (usually 90 days).

If you feel comfortable using credit cards, here’s a wise catch you could consider if deemed necessary.

Does Home Depot Accept Digital Wallets?

Currently, Home Depot does not allow the transaction of payments via any NFC-based digital payment platform. However, the customers can still pay using PayPal or Samsung Pay as they do not teach NFC technology within their system.

What Are The Home Depot Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

There are a lot of stores spread across the US which accept Apple Pay as one of their payment options without causing any hassle. Their variety ranges from hardware stores to hotel chains, famous restaurants, and much more.

Since Apple Pay is unavailable at Home Depot, I have made a short list of some alternatives to Home Depot, which treat Apple Pay as a valid mode of payment. Check them out!

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Ace Hardware
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • Meijer

I hope you’ll find your needful from these listed stores and can safely transact money via Apple Pay without any worries.


Even though Apple Pay is not available as an option to explore at Home Depot, other payment options are available, which are also secure ones to try out. PayPal works effectively and could be a good alternative for you while shopping at Home Depot.

I hope I could provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for, and you can get a precise idea regarding whether Home Depot accepts Apple Pay or not!

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