Does Target Take Apple Pay in 2023?

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Does Target take Apple Pay? This question seems to be on your mind as you must be shopping a lot at Target, and you want to make payments instantly. In this article, we take a look at whether Target accepts Apple Pay as a payment method or not!

With the ever-evolving technology, demand, and upgrowing cashless society, digital modes of payment are taking their place in the market. They can even take over cash payments in the near future. Apple Pay is one such digital platform that can help you facilitate cashless payments in no time.

Almost all small or big stores and platforms have introduced the cashless mode of payment as an option. So, here’s the time to also check out its availability at Target.

Don’t know what Target is? Let us tell you that!

Target is a big store home to thousands of products for your use. It has the facility of outlet stores, a website, and even an app to shop your favorite items for!

Through this article, you are about to get insights on the availability of Target at Apple Pay and some other vital aspects linked to it. Let’s read along to learn about that!

does target accept apple pay

Does Target Take Apple Pay?

Target is where payment is made super comfortable for most visitors through in-store and online methods. Besides several other payment methods, Target also accepts payments via Apple Pay.

Apple Pay can be used on any Target platform through some outlet stores, online, or the Target app. Purchases are made more manageable than we could ever think of.

All the Target stores have an RFID-enabled point-of-sales system, which lets you make transactions through your iPhone or Apple Watch using contactless payment.

After a cashier at the Target store rings up your items, you can facilitate the contactless payment using Apple Pay through your preferred Apple device (iPhone or Apple Watch) on the credit card scanner. However, before going forward with any payment, ensure that Apple Pay has been successfully set up on that device.

Using Apple Pay on the Target website works effectively, and if Target detects that you are shopping with an Apple device, the option for the same shall be generated at the checkout time.

How To Use Apple Pay In Target?

Now that you have learned about the accessibility of Apple Pay at the Target store, app, or website, you might be wondering how to proceed with the process. If that’s the case, here’s the solution to your worry. It’s a super simple procedure that will only be a matter of a few minutes.

First, you need to ensure that either your debit or credit card has been added to your Apple Pay Wallet app on your iPhone by using the Target credit card or Target debit card (as per your preference). Here’s how you can do it.

  • Tap the ‘+’ symbol, which is present in the top right-hand corner of the app.
  • Either take a photo of your card or enter the card details as asked for.
  • Once the card has been connected to your Apple Pay Wallet, you’re ready to purchase anything of your choice using Apple Pay.

Now that the payment facility has been set up let’s read about how you can use it at the Target store.

  • Double-click the side button on the right side of your iPhone (a button similar to the one you use for turning the screen on and off).
  • You’ll notice Apple Wallet flash on your screen with the picture of your debit or credit card (as selected earlier) linked to your Apple Pay Wallet.
  • Use the payment terminal (or the card reader) to complete the payment procedure for the items purchased.

It would be best if you held your iPhone on top of the payment terminal with the Apple Wallet opened on your iPhone, possibly close to the payment terminal.

If the entire process has gone through correctly, your payment will automatically get processed, and the store will bill your credit or debit card.

That’s how easily it works!

how to use apple pay at target

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Target

Apple Pay has some practical advantages, making it a preferable choice for the crowd. So, if you’re new here, let’s get an idea of the benefits you could expect from the platform on your iPhone.

Ensures Security

Using Apple Pay as a medium for payment at stores like Target creates a sense of security among the users as the platform implements industry-leading security features for taking utmost care of your personal information.

Works Within No Time

As evident from the last portion of the article, using Apple Pay is no hassle. With Apple Pay, you could pay at any Target Store in whatever situation requires you to purchase anything of your choice.

Thus, with the app installed on your iPhone, you can always remain secure regarding payments in areas where it is accepted.


Using Apple Pay is super flexible as you can use it at a Target store, in the Target App, or even on the website. Therefore, you get versatility with the procedure.

Availability Of Discounts

By adding your debit card to your Apple Pay Wallet, you can avail of multiple discounts with each purchase or offer.

Limitations Of Using Apple Pay At Target

Being new to this concept of payment requires one to analyze both the positive and negative aspects of the system. Now that we’ve become familiar with the pros, let’s read a little about the cons of using Apple Pay at Target.

Restriction On The Devices

It is disheartening that Apple Pay is not available as an option for users of devices other than an iPhone or iPad from Apple.

Limitations Posed On The Use Of Websites

Only the Safari Browser can be used for various searches required to make a payment via Apple Pay. No other browser like Opera Mini or Google Chrome might otherwise be used in the process.

The Compulsion To Add A Credit Or Debit Card

For making use of Apple Pay, having a debit or credit card linked to the Apple pay Wallet is necessary to facilitate easy payments.

What Are The Other Payment Options That Target Accepts?

Here are some alternatives to Apple Pay that the platform can accept:

  • Cash payment in US dollars.
  • Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay, or any digital wallet platform.
  • Personal and Rebate Cheques.
  • Debit/ATM cards.
  • Third-party credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novus, etc.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards
  • Merchandise Voucher
  • WIC (Women, Infants, Children) Program.
  • Target RedCard and Target Temporary Slips.

What Are The Payment Options That Target Doesn’t Accept?

Target does not accept foreign currency or cheques. However, Mexican Pesos or Canadian Dollars can still be accepted depending on your location or the Target store.

Even Mall Certificates, Merchant Gift Cards (except Starbucks gift cards), and Chamber Bucks cannot be used as a method of payment at Target.


I am sure you’re glad about the availability of the payment facility using Apple Pay at Target. You can follow the guide to the platform and gain its benefits.

If you’re not an Apple user, you can safely opt for the other payment alternatives mentioned in the article above. However, Apple Pay has been reported to be the most convenient one for all of them!

So, if possible, consider Apple Pay as an easy option for your future digital payments at Target! And if you have a friend asking you the question, does Target take Apple Pay, then you can refer them to this article!

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